A woman who has chosen the LNG-IUD needs to know what will happen during insertion. The following description can help explain the procedure to her. Learning LNG-IUD insertion requires training and practice under direct supervision. Therefore, this description is a summary and not detailed instructions.

  1. The provider uses proper infection-prevention procedures. IUD instruments

  2. The provider conducts a pelvic examination to determine the position of the uterus and assess eligibility (see Screening Questions for Pelvic Examination Before IUD Insertion). The provider first does the bimanual examination and then inserts a speculum into the vagina to inspect the cervix. 

  3. The provider cleans the cervix and vagina with appropriate antiseptic.
  4. The provider slowly inserts the tenaculum through the speculum and closes the tenaculum just enough to gently hold the cervix and uterus steady. 

  5. The provider slowly and gently passes the uterine sound through the cervix to measure the depth of the uterus.

  6. The provider slowly and gently passes the inserter through the cervix, releases the LNG-IUD inside the uterine cavity, and removes the inserter. 

  7. The provider cuts the strings on the IUD, leaving about 3 centimeters hanging out of the cervix.

  8. After the insertion, the woman rests. She remains on the examination table until she feels ready to get dressed.