Assure every client that she is welcome to come back any time—for example, if she has problems, questions, or wants another method; she has any major change in health status; or she thinks she might be pregnant. Also if:

  • She has difficulty using female condoms correctly or every time she has sex.
  • She recently had unprotected sex and wants to avoid pregnancy. She may be able to use ECPs (see Chapter 3).
How Can a Partner Help?

The client’s partner is welcome to participate in counseling and learn about the method and what support he can give to his partner. A male partner can:

  • Support a woman’s choice of the female condom
  • Discuss and agree to use the female condom with a full understanding of how to use it
  • Ensure that they use it every time, and correctly (for example, making sure that he inserts penis inside the condom and not between the condom and vaginal wall)
  • Help to keep a supply on hand
  • Help to make sure she has ECPs on hand in case the condom is not used or used correctly

Repeat Visits

  1. Ask how the client is doing with the method and whether she is satisfied. Ask if she has any questions or anything to discuss.
  2. Ask especially if she has any trouble using female condoms correctly and every time she has sex. Give her any information or help that she needs (see Managing Any Problems, below).
  3. Give her more female condoms and encourage her to come back for more before her supply runs out. Remind her where else she can obtain female condoms.
  4. Ask a long-term client about major life changes that may affect her needs—particularly plans for having children and STI/HIV risk. Follow up as needed.