May or may not be due to the method.

Recurring urinary tract infections or vaginal infections (such as bacterial vaginosis or candidiasis)

  • Consider refitting the client with a smaller diaphragm.

Latex allergy (redness, itching, rash, and/or swelling of genitals, groin, or thighs [mild reaction]; or hives or rash over much of the body, dizziness, difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness [severe reaction])

  • Tell the client to stop using a latex diaphragm. Give her a plastic diaphragm, if available, or help her choose another method, but not latex condoms.

Toxic shock syndrome (sudden high fever, body rash, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, sore throat, and muscle aches). See Signs and Symptoms of Serious Health Conditions.

  • Treat or refer for immediate diagnosis and care. Toxic shock syndrome can be life-threatening.
  • Tell the client to stop using the diaphragm. Help her choose another method but not the cervical cap.