Avoid unprotected sex on fertile days
  • Users identify fertile and nonfertile days by combining BBT and ovulation method instructions.
  • Women may also identify the fertile time by other signs such as breast tenderness and ovulatory pain (lower abdominal pain or cramping around the time of ovulation).
  • The couple avoids unprotected sex between the first day of monthly bleeding and either the fourth day after peak cervical secretions or the third full day after the rise in temperature (BBT), whichever happens later.
  • Some women who use this method have unprotected sex between the end of monthly bleeding and the beginning of secretions, but not on 2 days in a row.
How Can a Partner Help?

The client’s partner is welcome to participate in counseling and learn about the method and what support he can give to his partner. A male partner can:

  • Support a woman's choice of a fertility awareness method
  • Discuss and agree to use a fertility awareness method with a full understanding of how to use it
  • Share responsibility for keeping track of cycles and knowing when is the fertile period
  • Not insist on sex without contraception during the fertile period
  • Agree in advance how to avoid pregnancy if they are going to have sex in the fertile period (for example, use of another method)
  • Help to make sure she has ECPs on hand in case they have unprotected sex during the fertile period
  • Use condoms consistently in addition to a fertility awareness method if he has an STI/HIV or thinks he may be at risk of an STI/HIV