IMPORTANT: Thorough counseling about bleeding changes must come before IUD insertion. Counseling about bleeding changes may be the most important help a woman needs to keep using the method without concern.

Describe the most common side effects
  • Changes in bleeding patterns:
    • Irregular bleeding followed by lighter bleeding, fewer days of bleeding, infrequent bleeding, and then no monthly bleeding.

  • Acne, headaches, breast tenderness and pain, and possibly other side effects.

Explain about these side effects
  • Bleeding changes usually are not signs of illness. Lack of bleeding does not mean pregnancy.

  • Bleeding irregularities usually become less within 3 to 6 months after insertion. Many women have no bleeding at all after using the LNG-IUD for a year or two. Other side effects also become less after the first several months following insertion.

  • The client can come back for help if side effects bother her or if she has other concerns.