Talk with the client before the procedure
  • Explain the insertion procedure.
  • Show her the speculum, tenaculum, and the IUD and inserter in the package.

  • Tell her that she will experience some discomfort or cramping during the procedure, and that this is to be expected.

  • Ask her to tell you any time that she feels discomfort or pain.

  • Ibuprofen (200–400 mg), paracetamol (325–1000 mg), or other pain reliever may be given 30 minutes before insertion to help reduce cramping and pain. Do not give aspirin, which slows blood clotting.

Talk with the client during the procedure
  • Tell her what is happening, step by step, and reassure her.

  • Alert her before a step that may cause pain or might startle her.

  • Ask from time to time if she is feeling pain.

Talk with the client after the procedure 

  • Ask her how she is doing.

  • Tell her that the procedure was successful and that the IUD is in place.

  • Tell her that she can rest for a while and then slowly sit up before getting up and dressing.

  • Remind her that the two of you will be discussing next steps and follow-up.

Inserting the IUD