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  • Can be used by women of any age, including adolescents.

  • Can be used by women who have had children and those who have not.

  • Do not increase the risk of contracting STIs, including HIV.

  • Do not increase the risk of miscarriage when a woman becomes pregnant after the IUD is removed.

  • Do not make women infertile.

  • Do not cause birth defects.

  • Do not cause cancer.

  • Do not move to the heart or brain.

  • Do not cause discomfort or pain for the woman or the man during sex. 

Why Some Women Say They Like the LNG-IUD
  • Prevents pregnancy very effectively
  • Makes bleeding lighter and can prevent monthly bleeding for many months (amenorrhea).
  • Is long-lasting
  • Is private—usually no one else can tell a woman is using contraception (sometimes a partner may feel the strings during sex)

  • Has no further costs for supplies after the IUD is inserted

  • Does not require the user to do anything once the IUD is inserted