Key Points for Providers and clients
  • Permanent. Intended to provide life-long, permanent, and very effective protection against pregnancy. Reversal is usually not possible.
  • Involves a safe, simple surgical procedure.
  • 3-month delay in taking effect. The man or couple must use condoms or another contraceptive method for 3 months after the vasectomy.
  • Does not affect male sexual performance.

What Is Vasectomy?

  • Permanent contraception for men who will not want more children.
  • Through a puncture or small incision in the scrotum, the provider locates each of the 2 tubes that carries sperm to the penis (vas deferens) and cuts or blocks them by cutting and tying them closed or by applying heat or electricity (cautery).
  • Also called male sterilization and male surgical contraception.
  • Works by closing off each vas deferens, keeping sperm out of semen. Semen is ejaculated, but it cannot cause pregnancy.