When to Start

  • Any time, whenever a woman or a couple wants protection from pregnancy or STIs.

Explaining How To Use Female Condoms

IMPORTANT: Whenever possible, show the client how to insert the female condom. Use a model or picture, if available, or your hands to demonstrate. You can create an opening similar to a vagina with one hand and show how to insert the female condom with the other hand.

Basic Steps Important Details
1. Use a new female condom for each act of sex
  • Check the condom package. Do not use if torn or damaged. Avoid using a condom past the expiration date. Do so only if newer condoms are not available.
  • If possible, wash your hands with mild soap and clean water before inserting the condom.
2. Before any physical contact, insert the condom into the vagina

 Female CondomFemale Condom


  • For the most protection, insert the condom before the penis comes in contact with the vagina. Can be inserted up to 8 hours before sex.
  • Choose a position that is comfortable for insertion—squat, raise one leg, sit, or lie down.
  • Rub the sides of the female condom together to spread the lubricant evenly.
  • Grasp the ring at the closed end, and squeeze it so it becomes long and narrow.
  • With the other hand, separate the outer lips (labia) and locate the opening of the vagina.
  • Gently push the inner ring into the vagina as far up as it will go. Insert a finger into the condom to push it into place. About 2 to 3 cm of the condom and the outer ring remain outside the vagina.
3. Ensure that the penis enters the condom and stays inside the condom
  • The man or woman should carefully guide the tip of his penis inside the condom—not between the condom and the wall of the vagina. If his penis goes outside the condom, withdraw and try again.
  • If the condom is accidentally pulled out of the vagina or the outer ring is pushed into it during sex, put the condom back in place.

Correct way to insert a female condom

4. After the man withdraws his penis, hold the outer ring of the condom, twist to seal in fluids, and gently pull it out of the vagina Twist to seal in fluids and gently pull it out of vagina

  • The female condom does not need to be removed immediately after sex.
  • Remove the condom before standing up, to avoid spilling semen.
  • If the couple has sex again, they should use a new condom.
  • Reuse of female condoms is not recommended (see Question 5).
5. Dispose of the used condom safely
  • Wrap the condom in its package and put it in the rubbish bin or latrine. Do not put the condom into a flush toilet, as it can cause problems with plumbing.
Wrap condom in package and put in rubbish or latrine