Match your client’s menstrual status and chosen contraceptive method with one of the options below and follow the instructions.

Client with amenorrhea Client between two regular menses

1  See inside back cover for Pregnancy Checklist.

2 For implants, counsel about the need to remove the implant if pregnancy is confirmed and she wishes to continue the pregnancy.

In cases where pregnancy cannot be ruled out, offer emergency contraception if the woman had unprotected sex within the last 5 days.

Counsel all women to come back any time they have a reason to suspect pregnancy

(for example, she misses a period).

* If the client presents with a late/missed menses, use a pregnancy test to rule out

If using a highly sensitive pregnancy test (for example, 25 mIU/ml) and it is negative, provide her desired method.

If using a test with lower sensitivity (for example, 50 mIU/ml) and it is negative during the time of her missed period, wait until at least 10 days after expected date of menses and repeat the test. Advise the woman to use condoms or abstain in the meantime. If the test is still negative, provide her desired method.

If test sensitivity is not specified, assume lower sensitivity.