Ensure client understands correct use
  • Ask the client to explain the 5 basic steps of using the female condom while handling one.
  • If a model is available, the client can practice inserting the condom in the model and then taking it out.
Ask the client how many condoms she thinks she will need until she can return
  • Give plenty of condoms and, if available, lubricant.
  • Tell the client where she can buy female condoms, if needed.
Explain why using a condom with every act of sex is important
  • Just one unprotected act of sex can lead to pregnancy or STI—or both.
  • If a condom is not used for one act of sex, try to use one the next time. A mistake once or twice does not mean that it is pointless to use condoms in the future.
Explain about emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs)
Discuss ways to talk about using condoms

Tips for New Users

  • Suggest to a new user that she practice putting in and taking out the condom before the next time she has sex. Reassure her that correct use becomes easier with practice. A woman may need to use the female condom several times before she is comfortable with it.
  • Suggest she try different positions to see which way insertion is easiest for her.
  • The female condom is slippery. Some women find insertion easier if they put it in slowly, especially the first few times.
  • If a client is switching from another method to the female condom, suggest that she continue with the previous method until she can use the female condom with confidence.