When to Perform the Procedure

  • Any time a man requests it (if there is no medical reason to delay).

Ensuring Informed Choice


IMPORTANT: A friendly counselor who listens to a man’s concerns, answers his questions, and gives adequate, clear and practical information about the procedure—especially its permanence—will help a man make an informed choice and be a successful and satis ed user, without later regret (see Because Sterilization is Permanent, in Chapter 12). Involving his partner in counseling can be helpful but is not necessary or required.

The 7 Points of Informed Consent

Counseling must cover all 7 points of informed consent. In some programs the client and the counselor sign an informed consent form. To give informed consent to vasectomy, the client must understand the following points:

  1. Temporary contraceptives also are available to the client.
  2. Voluntary vasectomy is a surgical procedure.
  3. There are certain risks of the procedure as well as benefits. (Both risks and benefits must be explained in a way that the client can understand.)
  4. If successful, the procedure will prevent the client from ever having any more children.
  5. The procedure is considered permanent and probably cannot be reversed.
  6. The client can decide against the procedure at any time before it takes place (without losing rights to other medical, health, or other services or benefits).
  7. The procedure does not protect against sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.