TwoDay Method

IMPORTANT: If a woman has a vaginal infection or another condition that changes cervical mucus, the TwoDay Method will be difficult to use.

Check for secretions
Checking for cervical secretions
  • The woman checks for cervical secretions every afternoon and/or evening, on fingers, underwear, or tissue paper or by sensation in or around the vagina.
  • As soon as she notices any secretions of any type, color, or consistency, she considers herself fertile that day and the following day.
Avoid sex or use another method on fertile days
  • The couple avoids vaginal sex or uses condoms or a diaphragm on each day with secretions and on each day following a day with secretions. They can also use withdrawal or spermicides, but these are less effective.
Resume unprotected sex after 2 dry days
  • The couple can have unprotected sex again after the woman has had 2 dry days (days without secretions of any type) in a row.