Key Points for Providers and Clients
  • Suitable for postpartum women who are actively breastfeeding, at least 4 times per day.
  • A woman places a flexible ring in her vagina. She leaves it in place at all times, every day and night for 90 days. Four rings can be used, one after another, for approximately one year after giving birth.
  • Start each new ring immediately after removal of the previous ring  for greatest effectiveness.
  • Easy for a woman to insert and remove from her vagina. If her reproductive plans change, she can take out the ring at any time without a provider’s help.

What Is the Progesterone-Releasing Vaginal Ring?A hand holding up a Progesterone-Releasing Vaginal Ring

  • A smooth, soft, flexible silicone ring placed in the vagina to prolong lactational amenorrhea (postponing the return of monthly bleeding) and help breastfeeding women space pregnancies.
  • Continuously releases natural progesterone hormone—like that in a woman’s body—from inside the ring. The hormone passes through the wall of the vagina directly into the bloodstream. This ring does not contain estrogen.
  • Use of the ring starts 4 to 9 weeks after giving birth. Each ring is kept in place for 90 days. The woman can then replace it with a new ring immediately. Up to 4 rings can be used, one after another, with no breaks.
  • Works by preventing release of an egg from the ovaries (ovulation). Progesterone extends the postpartum amenorrhea of the breastfeeding woman. That is, it delays the return of monthly bleeding.
  • Safe and effective option for a woman:
    • Who has a baby at least 4 weeks old
    • Who is breastfeeding her baby at least 4 times per day and plans to continue breastfeeding
    • Whose monthly bleeding has not returned