Explaining How to Use 

Explain how to remove the patch from the pouch and remove backing
  • Explain to the user that she should tear the foil pouch along the edge.
  • She should then pull out the patch and peel away the backing without touching the sticky surface.
Show her where and how to apply the patch
  • Explain that she can apply it on the upper outer arm, back, stomach, abdomen, or buttocks, wherever it is clean and dry, but not on the breasts.
  • She must press the sticky, medicated part against her skin for 10 seconds. She should run her finger along the edge to make sure it sticks.
  • The patch will stay on even during work, exercise, swimming, and bathing.
She must change the patch every week for 3 weeks in a row
  • She should apply each new patch on the same day of each week—the “patch-change day.” For example, if she puts on her first patch on a Sunday, all of her patches should be applied on a Sunday.
  • Explain that to avoid irritation, she should not apply the new patch to the same place on the skin where the previous patch was.
She should not wear a patch on the 4th week
  • She will probably have monthly bleeding this week.
After the patch-free week, she should apply a new patch
  • She should never go without wearing a patch for more than 7 days. Doing so risks pregnancy.