IMPORTANT: Thorough counseling about bleeding changes and other side effects must be provided before inserting implants. Counseling about bleeding changes may be the most important help a woman needs to enable her to keep using this method without concern.

Describe the most common side effects
  • Changes in her bleeding pattern:
    • Over the first year: Irregular bleeding that lasts more than 8 days at a time
    • Later: Regular, infrequent, or no bleeding at all
  • Other common side effects include headaches, abdominal pain, and breast tenderness, among others.
Explain about these side effects
  • Side effects are not signs of illness.
  • Lack of bleeding does not mean pregnancy.
  • Most side effects usually become less or stop within the first year.
  • Common, but some women do not have them.
  • Client can come back for help if side effects bother her or if she has other concerns.

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