Important steps How to do it
1. Choose a correct injection site

Choose either: the belly (but not the navel) or the front of the thigh

Choose correct location

1. Where to give yourself the injection

2. Hold the device and mix the solution



  • After washing hands, open the pouch and take out the injection device.
    Shake the device

    2. Mix the solution


  • Hold the device by the port (not the cap) and shake it hard for about 30 seconds. Make sure the solution is completely mixed.
3. Push the cap and the port together to close the gap
  • Point the needle upward.
  • Hold the cap with one hand and the port with the other hand.
  • Press cap down firmly until the gap is closed.
Close the gap

3. Close the gap


4. Pinch your skin into a “tent”
  • Take the cap off the needle. Hold the device by the port.
  • With the other hand pinch about 4 cm (1.5 inches) of skin.

5. Put the needle into the skin, and squeeze the reservoir slowly


  • Press the needle straight into the skin with the needle pointing downward.
  • Press the needle in until the port touches the skin completely. 
  • Squeeze the reservoir slowly, for 5–7 seconds.
Injection into skin

4&5. Pinch the skin and press the needle


6. Dispose of the needle safely
  • Pull the needle out and then let go of the skin.
  • Put the device in a disposal container that can be closed and cannot be punctured.
7. Plan for your next injection
  • Mark a calendar or other reminder for the same day of the month, 3 months from today.
  • You can give yourself the next injection as early as 2 weeks before that date or as late as 4 weeks after.
  • If more than 4 weeks late, use another contraceptive method and see a health worker. 
  • Make sure you have another device for the next injection and that it will not expire before then.

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