Women who have just been treated for postabortion complications need easy and immediate access to family planning services. Many different health care providers can offer these women family planning services, including those who provide postabortion care. When such services are integrated with postabortion care, are offered immediately postabortion, or are nearby, women are more likely to use contraception when they face the risk of unintended pregnancy.

Help Women Obtain Family Planning

Counsel with Compassion

A woman who has had postabortion complications needs support. A woman who has faced the double risk of pregnancy and unsafe induced abortion especially needs help and support. Good counseling gives support to the woman who has just been treated for postabortion complications. In particular:

  • Try to understand what she has been through
  • Treat her with respect and avoid judgment and criticism
  • Ensure privacy and confidentiality
  • Ask if she wants someone she trusts to be present during counseling