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Emergency contraceptive pills:

  • Can be used by women of any age, including adolescent
  • Do not cause abortion
  • Do not prevent or affect implantation
  • Do not cause birth defects if pregnancy occurs
  • Are not dangerous to a woman's health
  • Do not increase risky sexual behavior
  • Do not make women infertile
  • Can be used more than once in a woman’s cycle

Avoid Unnecessary Procedures

  • A woman can take ECPs when needed without first seeing a health care provider.
  • No procedures or tests are needed before taking ECPs. The exception is that a woman who missed her last menses should have a pregnancy test before taking UPA-ECPs.
Why Some Women Say They Like Emergency Contraceptive Pills
  • Can be used as needed

  • Offer a second chance at preventing unwanted pregnancy

  • Enable a woman to avoid pregnancy if sex was forced or she was prevented from using contraception

  • Are controlled by the woman
  • Reduce the need for abortion in the case of contraceptive errors or if contraception is not used
  • Can have on hand in case the need arises

Woman using ECP