May or may not be due to method.

Female partner is using miconazole or econazole (for treatment of vaginal infections)

  • A woman should not rely on latex condoms during vaginal use of miconazole or econazole. They can damage latex. (Oral treatment will not harm condoms.)
  • She should use female condoms or plastic male condoms, another contraceptive method, or abstain from sex until treatment is completed.

Severe allergic reaction to condom (hives or rash over much of body, dizziness, difficulty breathing, or loss of consciousness during or after condom use). See Appendix B – Signs and Symptoms of Serious Health Conditions.

  • Tell the client to stop using latex condoms.
  • Refer for care, if necessary. Severe allergic reaction to latex could lead to life-threatening anaphylactic shock. Help the client choose another method.
  • If the client or partner cannot avoid risk of STIs, suggest they use female condoms or plastic male condoms, if available. If neither partner has an infection, a mutually faithful sexual relationship provides STI protection without requiring condom use but does not protect against pregnancy.