Providing the cervical cap is similar to providing diaphragm and helping diaphragm users. Differences include:Illustration of a cervical cap.


  • Fill one-third of the cap with spermicidal cream, jelly, or foam.
  • Press the rim of the cap around the cervix until it is completely covered, pressing gently on the dome to apply suction and seal the cap.
  • Insert the cervical cap any time up to 42 hours before having sex. 


  • Leave the cervical cap in for at least 6 hours after her partner’s last ejaculation, but not more than 48 hours from the time it was put in. 
  • Leaving the cap in place for more than 48 hours may increase the risk of toxic shock syndrome and can cause a bad odor and vaginal discharge.
  • Tip the cap rim sideways to break the seal against the cervix, and then gently pull the cap down and out of the vagina.