• Can be used at any time.Withdrawal
  • Effectiveness depends on the willingness and ability of the couple to use withdrawal with every act of intercourse.

Explaining How to Use

When the man feels close to ejaculating
  • He should withdraw his penis from the woman’s vagina and ejaculate outside the vagina, keeping his semen away from her external genitalia. 

If the man has ejaculated


  • Before sex he should urinate and wipe the tip of his penis to remove any semen remaining. 

Giving Advice on Use

Learning proper use can take time
  • Suggest the couple also use another method until the man feels that he can use withdrawal correctly with every act of sex. 
Greater protection from pregnancy is available
  • Suggest an additional or alternative family planning method. (Couples who have been using withdrawal effectively should not be discouraged from continuing.) 
Some men may have difficulty using withdrawal
  • Men who cannot sense consistently when ejaculation is about to occur. 
  • Men who ejaculate prematurely.
Can use emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs)