Learning to fit women for a diaphragm requires training and practice. Therefore, this is a summary and not detailed instructions.

  1. The provider uses proper infection-prevention procedures (see Infection Prevention in the Clinic, in Chapter 26 – Family Planning Provision).
  2. The woman lies down as for a pelvic examination.
  3. The provider checks for conditions that may make it impossible to use the diaphragm, such as uterine prolapse.
  4. The provider inserts the index and middle fingers into the vagina to determine the correct diaphragm size.
  5. The provider inserts a special fitting diaphragm into the client’s vagina so that it covers the cervix. The provider then checks the location of the cervix and makes sure that the diaphragm fits properly and does not come out easily.
  6. The provider gives the woman a properly fitting diaphragm and plenty of spermicide to use with it, and teaches her to use it properly (see Explaining How to Use the Diaphragm).

With a properly fitted diaphragm in place, the client should not be able to feel anything inside her vagina, even when she walks or during sex.