Proper insertion technique can help prevent many problems, such as infection, expulsion, and perforation.IUD new inside package

  • Follow proper infection-prevention procedures.
  • Use high-level disinfected or sterile instruments. High-level disinfect by boiling, steaming, or soaking them in disinfectant chemicals.
  • Use a new, presterilized IUD that is packaged with its inserter.
  • The “no-touch” insertion technique is safest. This includes not letting the loaded IUD or uterine sound touch any unsterile surfaces (for example, hands, speculum, vagina, table top). The no-touch technique involves:
    • Loading the IUD into the inserter while the IUD is still in the sterile package, to avoid touching the IUD directly 

    • Cleaning the cervix thoroughly with antiseptic before IUD insertion 

    • Being careful not to touch the vaginal wall or speculum blades with the uterine sound or loaded IUD inserter 

    • Passing both the uterine sound and the loaded IUD inserter only once each through the cervical canal

  • Giving antibiotics routinely is generally not recommended for women at low risk of STIs.