IMPORTANT: No routine return visit is required until it is time to remove the implants (see Removing Implants). However, the client should be invited to return any time she wishes.

At any future visit:

  1. Ask how the client is doing with the method and whether she is satisfied. Ask if she has any questions or anything she would like to discuss. 
  2. In particular, ask if she is concerned about bleeding changes. Give her any information or help that she needs (see Managing Any Problems).
  3. Ask long-term clients if they have had any new health problems since their last visit. Address problems as appropriate. For new problems that may require switching methods, see  New Problems That May Require Switching Methods.
  4. Ask long-term clients about any major life changes that may affect family planning needs—particularly plans for having children and STI/HIV risk. Follow up as needed.
  5. If she wants to keep using implants and no new medical condition prevents it, remind her how much longer her implants will protect her from pregnancy.