Lubricants for Latex Condoms

Lubrication helps encourage condom use and avoid condom breakage. There are 3 ways to provide lubrication—natural vaginal secretions, adding a lubricant safe for use with condoms, or using condoms packaged with lubricant on them.

Clean water and saliva can be used for lubrication.The lubricants packaged with condoms are usually made of silicone. Silicone lubricants are also packaged separately. Lubricants made with water or glycol also are available and may be less expensive. They, too, are safe to use with condoms.

Lubricants should be applied on the outside of the condom, in the vagina, or in the anus. Lubricants should not be put on the penis, as this can make the condom slip off. A drop or two of lubricant on the inside of the tip of the condom before it is unrolled can help increase the sensation of sex for some men. Too much lubricant inside, however, can make the condom slip off.

Do not use products made with oil as lubricants for latex condoms. They can damage latex.

Materials that should not be used include:

  • any oils (cooking, baby, coconut, mineral) or products made with oil
  • petroleum jelly
  • lotions
  • cold creams
  • butter
  • cocoa butter
  • margarine