Helping Clients Switch to a Continuing Method

  1. Female patient breastfeeding baby while talking with partner and healthcare professionalA woman can switch to another method any time she wants while using LAM. If she still meets all 3 LAM criteria, it is reasonably certain she is not pregnant. She can start a new method with no need for a pregnancy test, examinations, or evaluation.
  2. To continue preventing pregnancy, a woman must switch to another method as soon as any one of the 3 LAM criteria no longer applies.
  3. Help the woman choose a new method before she needs it. If she will continue to breastfeed, she can choose from several hormonal or nonhormonal methods, depending on how much time has passed since childbirth (see Maternal and Newborn Health, Earliest Time That a Woman Can Start a Family Planning Method After Childbirth). After 6 months, if a woman wants to continue breastfeeding, she can consider the progesterone-releasing vaginal ring.

Managing Any Problems

Problems With Use

  • Problems with breastfeeding or LAM affect women’s satisfaction and use of the method. If the client reports any problems, listen to her concerns, give her advice and support, and, if appropriate, treat. Make sure she understands the advice and agrees.
  • Offer to help the client choose another method—now, if she wishes, or if problems cannot be overcome.
  • For problems with breastfeeding, see Maternal and Newborn Health, Managing Breastfeeding Problems.