Wall Chart

Do You Know Your Family Planning Choices? has been translated into eight languages, and more than 1 million copies have been distributed worldwide. It is also called the Family Planning Wall Chart (or sometimes just "the wall chart" or "the Tiahrt Chart"). The wall chart contains information about specific family planning methods, drawn from from the Global Handbook. The wall chart is intended for healthcare providers to use as a reminder for themselves and as an education tool for their clients. For USAID-funded programs, it is also a tool for complying with the terms of the Tiahrt Amendment[1].

In addition to the downloads below, the wall chart is also available for free in print format in English, French, and Spanish (please use our Order Form to request print copies).

[1] The Tiahrt Amendment is a 1998 statute involving standards for USAID-funded family planning programs. Its purpose is ensure that clients (or, in the statute's language, “acceptors”—i.e., the people accepting family planning services) are participating voluntarily.